A Predictive Framework for Decision Making in Construction

Optimal Bridge Management Based on Lifetime Reliability and Life-Cycle Cost

Integrated Planning Decision Support System (IPDS)

Development of a Data Centered Decision Support System for Multiple Purpose Water Resources Projects

Decision Process for Mitigating Seismically Vulnerable Water Facilities

Integrated Planning Decision Support System (IPDS) Application: Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Potential Application of Artificial Immune Systems in Pavement Management Decision-Making

Dam Management Using an Information Database and Reliability Based Approach

Optimal Conceptual Topological Design

Decision Support System for River Basin Water Rights Administration

Application of Genetic Algorithm to Light-Up Design of Bridge

Optimal Repair Planning of Existing Bridges Using Genetic Algorithm

Design and Implementation of Decision Support System for Real-Time Hydropower Scheduling on Lower Colorado River, Texas

Resolving Conflicts in Hydropower Operations

Bridge Deck Rebar Corrosion Decision System Using Inductive Learning

A Flexible Decision Support System for Performance Evaluation and Strategic Planning for Australian Construction Contractors

Data Modeling for Improved Condition Assessment

Multi-National Information and Decision Support System for Building Materials, Systems and Components

The Use of Tabular Knowledge Base in Construction Decision-Making

A Decision Support System for the High Aswan Dam





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