A User-Friendly GIS for Ocean Disposal Management

A Data Model for Managing GPS Travel Time Data

Multimedia Based Geographical Database Development for Highway Management

A Global Database for Wind Speed and Wave Height

Development of Integrated Inventory Databases and Earthquake Damage and Loss Estimation Methodologies for Structures in Utah

Geo-data System for Landslide Hazard Assessment

Creating of a Data Base of Small Earth Dam for Natural Disaster Reduction

Damaging Earthquakes: A Scientific Laboratory

The Federal Government's Existing Building Inventory

Correlation of Component Damage, Insurance Losses and Wind Storm Severity

Development of Probabilistic Earthqake Damage Estimation Models

Use of a National Loss Estimation Methodology for Risk Management

Net Results
On any sort of cleanup, digging is expensive and intrusive, but when the cleanup involves unexploded artillery shells and other munitions, digging can also be dangerous. Understandably,...

Providing Water Management Information Over the Internet

Development of a Data Centered Decision Support System for Multiple Purpose Water Resources Projects

An Overview of Japanese Research on RCS Systems

Japanese Damping Database

Earthquake Loss Estimation Using Earthquake Hazard Maps and Building Data

Experimental Data for System Identification Applications

A 5-Step Approach to the Incorporation of Fixed Object Accidents in the Economic Analysis and Prioritization of Highway Projects...Case Study of Louisiana





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