Army Water Supply Management System for Installations Drinking Water Facilities

Use of a Geographic Information System for the Highway Design Review Process

GeoLink: Integrating GIS and GPS for Land Use Planning, Road Mapping, and Environmental Analysis

Classifying Process Control Information

Bootstrapping Models Using Existing Databases and Object Orientation

AASHTO Bridge Design System—An Engineering Software with Formal Database Management

Finite Element Analysis and Design of Bridges in a Distributed Computing Environment

Developing Infrastructure Lifecycle Solutions

Weather Advisor System for Construction Duration Estimation: Potential of Integrating KBS's and CD-ROM Databases

The Design/Build Advisor System: Integration of Databases with a Knowledge-Based System

Architectures for Mission Control at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
One of the most vital, but often overlooked, research areas for space missions is flight operations. The imbalance is caused by many factors. Among them, the manner in which space missions...

Lunar Base Pressure, O2 Fraction, and ExtraHabitat Activity Suit Design
A major dilemma exists in determining optimum habitat and ExtraHabitat Activity (EHA) suit pressures for future space missions, balancing human safety requirements and the case of EHA...

Trends in Published ITE Trip Generation Rates
Since 1976...


A Probabilistic Regional Damage Estimation Model for Earthquake Occurrences
In this paper we present a model for estimating regional earthquake damage. The model utilizes the relational data base management system ORACLE and the geographic information system ARC/INFO...

Geotechnical Database Manipulation to Effect Stochastic Analysis
Existing or easily-developed databases of regional geotechnical information can be used to estimate prior probability distributions and parameters for use in stochastic analyses. Prior...

Role of Land Information System in Operation and Maintenance of Irrigation Systems Bureau of Reclamation
The Bureau of Reclamation manages more than 8 million acres of land in the 17 Western States and is required to periodically report on the status of the lands under its jurisdiction. A...

CAD and the Corps
CAD has been a near standard feature of engineering design for the last decade, but the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has found that the way their installations have gone about designing...

Information Management in Water Resources: Database and GIS Integration
Historically the management and analysis of large quantities of water resources related information has been time consuming and expensive. Until recently, the use of sophisticated geographic...

Information Management in Water Resources: Database and GIS Integration





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