Technical Track A — Ditigizing and Digital Information Management: Summary of Ad-Hoc Discussion Groups

GIS and Storm-Water Management
Developing and implementing a municipal storm-water management program under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) presents a textbook example of how the abilities...

Database of Dispersion Curves for Surface Wave Testing

National Geotechnical Experimentation Sites Database

Environmental Impact Analysis of Coastal Projects
It is fairly routine to describe the range of impacts that might occur as a result of a proposed improvement, but problems and controversy often accompany attempts to answer the more pressing...

GIS: New York's Pipe Dream
To be of any use to managers, infrastructure data must be compiled in a form they can use. The answer for the 1990s is a geographic information system that electronically combines data...

Using the ORIGEN2 Computer Code for Near Core Activation Calculations

Spent Fuel Characteristics Provided by the CDB—An Update

Application of Results from the Poços de Caldas Project in the Kristallin-I HLW Performance Assessment

Yucca Mountain Digital Database

Graphics-Based Site Information Management at Hanford TRU Burial Grounds

GEIS: A Geographic Information System for the Earth Sciences

Cleanup of a HLW Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Center Using 3-D Database Modeling Technology

Ontario Hydro Used Fuel Transportation Assessment

Quality Assurance in a Cask Fleet Parts Control System

Throughput Study for the Civilian Radioactive Waste Management System

A Preliminary Report on OCR Problems in LSS Document Conversion

Using Geographic Information Systems for Traffic Control Inventory Management

A Comparison of Geographical Information Systems

Facility Management System for Buildings





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