NYCT - A Special Infrastructure Evaluation Project

GIS Model for Concrete Bridge Maintenance Database

Railroad Track Condition Assessment through the RAILER Engineered Management System

Knowledge-Based Advisory System for Predictive Control of Irrigation Management Strategies

Map of the World Mudflow Phenomena

Runway Instrumentation at Denver International Airport—Development of Database

Misunderstanding Computer Data Accuracy Leads to Project Rework: Two Case Studies

Future of Integrated Information Management in Construction

Infrastructure Condition Assessment
Art, Science, and Practice
This proceedings contain papers presented at a conference sponsored by the Facilities Management Committee of the Urban Transportation Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers...

The EURATN Project

A Comprehensive Relational Database of Structural Damping Data

Managing Border Irrigation for Near-Zero Discharge
A dimensionless database of previously executed simulations of sloping-border irrigation with tailwater runoff constitutes the heart of design-aid software showing the effects on runoff...

A GIS Sewer Database for a University Campus
The development of a geographic information system (GIS) based sewer network database for the Purdue University campus in West Lafayette, Indiana, is discussed in this paper. The database,...

Non-Federal Flood Control Works Inspection Program
This paper presents a general description of the Non-Federal FCW Inspection Program and results obtained from the evaluations already completed. A discussion of the GIS package for data...

The NEA International FEP Database: Outcome of the Working Group

Bounding Axial Profile Analysis for the Topical Report Database

Scour Processes Observed in Field Data
River channels scour and aggrade due to complex, interrelated natural processes that are dynamic over space and time. Channel scour is particularly difficult to predict for bridge crossings,...

Development of a Hydrologic Model with Both Spatially Distributed and Physically Based Capabilities
A distributed hydrologic model is developed at The Pennsylvania State University for use with rasterized data bases. The purpose of the Terrestrial Hydrologic Model or THM is to investigate...

A Boolean Material Property Database

Microtunneling Database for the USA and Canada From 1984 to 1995





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