Utilizing On-Site Computer-Based Information Systems
This paper addresses the topic of data base management systems and their use by small and medium-sized construction companies. Specifically, the use of personal computer based software...

Decision Support System for Achieving and Measuring Design Effectiveness
A microcomputer program is developed to serve as a decision system for improving design effectiveness. The program, called 'Design Effectiveness Evaluation and Implementation...

System Integration Through a Database Management System

Transition to Facility Management
The introduction of Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) capability into facility planning, design, construction, and management provides the capability to better generate, manage,...

Prototype Integrated Environment for AEC Data

Linking an Environmental Expert System with a DBMS

Drilled Shafts—A Database Approach
A database of 43 drilled shaft load tests of high quality has been developed to study parameters that affect the axial behavior of drilled shafts and methods of analysis to predict axial...

Using a CAM System for Generating Potential Solutions in Machining Processes
This paper presents a software package which was designed to generate potential solutions for producing specific machine shapes as an application of a Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)...

Coast of Florida Erosion and Storm Effects Study

Managing and Disseminating Data Necessary for Coastal Wetland Management in South Carolina

North Shore Environmental Management

Historical Shoreline Change in Southeast Florida

Marine Data Platforms—An Interactive Inventory

A Coastal Management Database for East Anglia

OCSEAP Data and Information Management

Climatic Data in the Coastal Zone—Our Climate as a Natural Resource

Identifying, Supporting & Attracting Marine-Related Enterprises

Problems of Developing a GIS Data Base for the FMG

Some Observations on Undrained Side Resistance of Drilled Shafts
A data base of 106 field load tests (65 in uplift and 41 in compression) is used to evaluate the undrained side resistance of drilled shaft foundations. The total stress or alpha (α) method...

The Pacific Northwest Rivers Study: Development of a Rivers Inventory and Analysis System
To minimize conflicts between hydropower development and resource conservation, the Bonneville Power Administration and the Northwest Power Planning Council initiated the Pacific Northwest...





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