Development of the Hydrodata CD-ROM Data Storage System
To store and retrieve data from two of the USGS WATSTORE databases - the daily and peak values files - and the Summary of the Day file from the National Climatic Data Center, the authors...

Heuristics and Network Flow Algorithms for Multireservoir System Regulation
A generalized model employing a network flow algorithm and a heuristic database is being tested on the Qu'Appelle River basin in Canada. The heuristic database consisting...

Reducing the Potential for Flood Litigation
A flood event is usually followed by numerous damage claims that often lead to litigation. This paper proposes measures to mitigate the potential for litigation. It is stressed that an...

Urban Watershed Data for the United States
The contents of an urban watershed data base compiled for a national urban flood-frequency study by the U.S. Geological Survey are described. The data base includes information for 269...

The Illinois GIS and Hydrologic Database
Development of the Illinois Geographic Information System (GIS) from 1983 to the present is described including the hardware configuration and ARC/INFO software. The database design at...

GIS Applications to the Water Resources Development Program of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
The ability that a Geographic Information System (GIS) offers to quickly reference multiple data sets to an overall base map and to one another provides the potential opportunity to greatly...

UNET: A Model of Unsteady Flow Through a Full Network of Open Channels
UNET is a PC-based dynamic wave, unsteady flow model for the solution of the full network problem. The program applies a linearized implicit finite difference scheme to solve the full...

Object-Oriented Knowledge Representations: Cute Things and Caveats

A Cost Estimating Module to Aid Integrated Knowledge-Based Preliminary Design

OASIS: A Decision Support System for Ground Water Modeling

Integrating Data Bases for Executing Automated Construction Tasks

Expert System Interfaces to External Databases

Manipulation of CAD Databases in a Distributed Environment

Integrated Database for Engineering and Construction

Issues in User Interfaces for Engineering Databases

Object Oriented Databases for Cooperative Design

MRMS—A Computerized Manpower Resources Management System

CADD/DB: Fourth Generation Application Platform for Software Integration

Expert System for Energy Conservation in Affordable Housing

Integration of Microcomputer Applications—Current and Future Approaches





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