A Knowledge Base for Retaining Wall Rehabilitation Design

Computerized Transportation/Financial Planning Processes
The Computerized Transportation/Financial Planning Process (CTFP) comprises a battery of programs that collectively form a valuable growth management tool. CTFP incorporates four spreadsheet...

Implementation of HISAM/HISAFE Microcomputer Programs
The Federal Highway Administration had sponsored the development of two software packages called HISAM and HISAFE. HISAM primarily provides an alternative means to store related accident...

Experimental Results in Multiple-Criteria Decisionmaking With and Without the Aid of Decision Support Systems

Technology Transfer in the 21st Century

The Coordination of System Representation and Operating Assumptions for System Studies in SIMS
Two projects at the Pacific Northwest Laboratory (PNL) have been devoted to development of the capability to provide descriptive details of the Federal Waste Management System (FWMS) and...

Data Base Management Systems

The Use of a Computerized Data Base of Terrorist Activities for Threat Assessment

Analysis of Observed Effects of Terrorist Attacks on Real Structures

Optimum RC Member Design With Discrete Sections
This paper concentrates on the development of simplified yet effective algorithm for optimum reinforced concrete (RC) member design. After constructing the data base of predetermined reinforced...

GIS in Water Resources: An Historical Perspective

Managing Microcomputers in a Water Quality Regulatory Agency

A Natural Language Environment for a Water Resource Management Database

Partial Area, Variable Source Concepts Applied to Hydrologic Processes Utilizing Digital Mapping

The California Ground Water Information Directory

Ports and Waterways Management Information System

The Corine Coastal Erosion Project: Identification of Coastal Erosion Problems and Data Base on the Littoral Environment of Eleven European Countries

Pamlico-Albemarle Sound: The Use of Long-Term Fisheries Databases for Estuarine Habitat Protection

The National PDES Testbed—An Overview
Product Data Exchange Specification (PDES) is an ambitious project with the goal of developing a standardized format for representing and exchanging information about almost any manufactured...

LAN Implementation in a Teaching Laboratory for Computer Integrated Manufacturing
The CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) lab at Western Washington University contains a miniature factory with five robotic workcells and eight computers representing various departments...





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