A Workbench for Environmental Data Processing and Display

Hypermedia and its Application to Geotechnical Databases
The concept of hypermedia has the potential for greatly enhancing existing database management software. In the present paper the concept of hypermedia is briefly described, the nature...

Canadian Database Development as a Support Tool to Transport Risk Assessment
The Risk Management Branch of the Transport Dangerous Goods Directorate supports a multi-modal safety program for dangerous goods transportation through the measurement, assessment and...

Vessel Trajectory Database for Coastal Zone Planning

Relational Database Design and Technology
Logical and physical design of a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) is presented with a simple geotechnical database example. Fundamental relational database design principles...

Is GIS in Water Resources Better or Different
The Geographic Information System (GIS) is a relatively new tool which, when applied properly, may greatly benefit the water resources analyst. GIS technology combines sophisticated graphical...

DBMS Support for Fiber-Reinforced Composite Materials Analysis

Integrated Database and Graphic Tools for Environmental Engineering Projects

A Data Base Program for Preparing and Reporting Concrete Mix Designs

Database Design for Seismic Evaluation of the San Francisco Bay Bridge

A Comparison of Object-Oriented Database Management Systems for Engineering Applications

Environment for Application Software Integration and Execution

Database Management for the Detroit Industrial Pretreatment Program (II)

Large Database Management Using Lotus 1-2-3 Add-ins

A Data Management and Graphics Package: UPRR at Laramie

Database Management System for Sewer System Planning

A Relational Database for Long-Span Highway Bridges

Database Generation Using an ARC/INFO Geographic Information System in Storm Water Quality Modeling

Database Organization for Airfield Pavement Management

A Database for Tunnel Planning and Estimating





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