Yucca Mountain Digital Database

Using the ORIGEN2 Computer Code for Near Core Activation Calculations

Tools for LWR Spent Fuel Characterization: Assembly Classes and Fuel Designs
Tools for the classification of fuel assembly types have been developed during the development of the Characteristics Data Base. The assembly class scheme is based upon the design of the...

Compilation/Validation of Thermodynamic Data for Plutonium for Nuclear Waste Disposal: 1. Preliminary Results
A provisional thermodynamic database for plutonium has been compiled from a review of available data and other critical compilations. The database was compared to tabulations of Gibbs...

A Comparison of High-Level Waste Form Characteristics
The U.S. Department of Energy is responsible for the eventual disposal in a repository of spent fuels, high-level waste (HLW) and other radioactive wastes that may require long-term isolation....

Management of Comments on DOE's Site Characterization Plan (SCP) and Integration with the Planned Geotechnical Program
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has committed to respond to comments on the SCP throughout the site characterization process. As of January 1990 DOE has received 4,574 comments on...

A Proposed Regulatory Guide Basis for Spent Fuel Decay Heat
A proposed revision to Regulatory Guide 3.54, 'Spent Fuel Heat Generation in an Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation' has been developed for the U.S. Nuclear...

Issues in Developing Computer Based Facilities Management Systems

Graphics/Database Integration for Engineers

Transaction Management in OODBMS for Collaborative Engineering Applications

An Environment for Integrating Building Design, Construction Scheduling, and Cost Estimating

Object-Oriented Database for Wastewater Treatment Plant Design

Large Volume Planar Data Management

Integration of GIS Databases and Water Quality Modeling for Agricultural and Urban Watersheds

Highway Research Information and Distribution System

Railroad Track Management Using the RAILER System

A Database Management Syystem for Transit Operations Planning

A Formal Approach to Modeling Construction Data

Features to Look for in Database Software: A User Perspective

Project Cost Forecasting





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