Baltimore City's Geographical Information Data Base for the NPDES Stormwater Program

Predicting Fate and Effects of Hydrocarbons in the Oceans
Three major sources of hydrocarbons exist in the oceans. One is from oil spills related to the production and transportation of hydrocarbons. The second, while generally not spectacular,...

Utilization of ORIGEN2 by the Characteristics Data Base

Interpolation Functions for Use with ORIGEN-2 Data

Spent Fuel Characteristics Provided by the CDB—An Update

Application of Results from the Poços de Caldas Project in the Kristallin-I HLW Performance Assessment

Data Bases About the Transportation of Radioactive Materials

Data Needs for Locating Emergency Response Units

Graphics-Based Site Information Management at Hanford TRU Burial Grounds

Sharing Waste Management Data Over a Wide Area Computer Network

Ontario Hydro Used Fuel Transportation Assessment

Throughput Study for the Civilian Radioactive Waste Management System

Using Geographic Information Systems for Traffic Control Inventory Management

A Comparison of Geographical Information Systems

Facility Management System for Buildings

Army Water Supply Management System for Installations Drinking Water Facilities

Geotechnical Data Management: A GIS-Based Approach

Bootstrapping Models Using Existing Databases and Object Orientation

AASHTO Bridge Design System—An Engineering Software with Formal Database Management

Finite Element Analysis and Design of Bridges in a Distributed Computing Environment





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