Managing Border Irrigation for Near-Zero Discharge
A dimensionless database of previously executed simulations of sloping-border irrigation with tailwater runoff constitutes the heart of design-aid software showing the effects on runoff...

A GIS Sewer Database for a University Campus
The development of a geographic information system (GIS) based sewer network database for the Purdue University campus in West Lafayette, Indiana, is discussed in this paper. The database,...

Non-Federal Flood Control Works Inspection Program
This paper presents a general description of the Non-Federal FCW Inspection Program and results obtained from the evaluations already completed. A discussion of the GIS package for data...

The NEA International FEP Database: Outcome of the Working Group

Bounding Axial Profile Analysis for the Topical Report Database

Scour Processes Observed in Field Data
River channels scour and aggrade due to complex, interrelated natural processes that are dynamic over space and time. Channel scour is particularly difficult to predict for bridge crossings,...

A Boolean Material Property Database

Microtunneling Database for the USA and Canada From 1984 to 1995

DBMS Implementation of a Linear Referencing Model

Development of an Interactive Multimedia and Database Model

Visualization of Spatial and Geometric Databases for Construction Projects

Seismic Risk Assessment for Environmentally Sensitive Facilities in Northern Maine

Soil Thermal Properties for the Design of Underground Structures in Cold Regions

Marine Traffic Management a New Concept in VTS

Concrete Wharf Inspection and Maintenance Program Port of Los Angeles

Minimum Eccentricity for Simple Columns?

Creep Data for Design of Masonry

Fatigue Reliability Analysis Using Field Data

The Role of GIS in Watershed Protection

Sanitary System Modeling Automated Mapping/Facility Management Fort Benning, Georgia





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