Geotechnical Databases: Their Value and Potential

Evaluation of Satellite-Based Impervious Surface Data for the Mid-Atlantic Region Using an Independently Collected, High-Resolution Validation Database
Satellite-based estimates of impervious surfaces are being produced for the entire United States as part of the U.S. Geological Survey's (USGS) Landsat-based National Land Cover Database...

This chapter discusses database functions in Microsoft Excel....

ATLSS Data Viewer: A Tool to Analyze and Display ATLSS Model Outputs

Compiled Database on the Long-Span Bridges
This section briefly discusses the database that was created in order to establish the number and types of all the vital long-span bridges in the USA....

Bridge Scour Data Management

Brief Summary of National Bridge Scour Data Base

The SAC Database: Understanding and Using Steel Frame Test Results

Remedial Design through Effective Electronic Associations

Simplification of Detailed Models of Water Distribution Systems Obtained from GIS Systems
For a long time simplified models have been used to simulate the behaviour of large water distribution networks. Often, simplification has been carried out by removing small diameter pipes...

Seismic Fragility Curve Theory for Highway Bridges

Improvement of Fragilities for Electrical Substation Equipment

Newsletters That Deliver
A newsletter consultant and business manager for a small engineering firm explains how to create an effective newsletter for new and potential clients. Among the necessary steps are establishing...

Easy Interface
Engineers have long desired to be able to move freely from computer-aided design (CAD) programs to geographic information systems (GIS) and their vast databases. Now, thanks to improvements...

The Status of California Marine Protected Areas

Marine Protected Areas and Biological Distributional Data: Large and Small Scale Perspectives

GIS Data Integration: Build It and They Will Come

Developing Integrated Access to Contemporary Aerial Photography and Water Quality-Related Data for a Portion of the Elkhorn Slough and Vicinity, North Monterey County

A Proposed Method for Red Sea Urchin (Strongylocentrotus franciscanus) Resource Assessment in California

Scientific Data in Ocean and Coastal Resource Management Decisions: Pity the Poor Scientist





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