Activity of Debris-Flow Processes in the Baikal Region During the Recent Centuries

Sustainable Development, Botswana Style
A sustainable development project in Botswana, Africa, collected information on industrial wastes. Sustainable development is defined as development that meets the needs of the present...

Spatial Analysis in Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
This Geotechincal Special Publication contains the papers presented by the invited speakers in the sessions on Spatial Analysis in Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering held during...

Getting More from Flow Monitoring Data

Intelligent Data Assessment for Underground Infrastructure Rehabilitation

Construction Field Data Collection Using the Digital Hardhat

A Portable Data Collection System for Safety and Quality Assurance

Activity Analysis Using Computer-Processed Time Lapse Video

Automating Field Data Collection in Construction Organizations

Guidelines for Retirement of Dams and Hydroelectric Facilities
Prepared by the Task Committee on Guidelines for Retirement of Dams and Hydroelectric Facilities of the Hydropower Committee of the Energy Division of ASCE. ...

Infrastructure Condition Assessment
Art, Science, and Practice
This proceedings contain papers presented at a conference sponsored by the Facilities Management Committee of the Urban Transportation Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers...

Evaluation Findings of the Troxler Model 4430 Water/Cement Gauge
HITEC Report 96-03-TA: Technical Appendix
This technical appendix documents the details of the work (e.g. test data, mix designs, statistical analyses)....

An Automatic System for the Definition of the Setting Rules for Speed Diagrams

Wavelet Transforms for Incident Detection on Motorways

Results from the PLEIADES Automatic Traffic Surveillance System in the Kent Sector of the Paris-London Corridor

Analysis of Data Collected from Two Italian Freeways

Package System for Supporting Decisions in a County Area

Data Acquisition and Handling for the Minnesota Road Research Project

Multicriteria Traffic Control with Video Feedback

Signal Processing Study for an FM/CW Collision Avoidance System





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