Analysis of Data Collected from Two Italian Freeways

Package System for Supporting Decisions in a County Area

Data Acquisition and Handling for the Minnesota Road Research Project

Field and Laboratory Measurements of Shoring Loads

Analysis of Shoring Loads Using Field Data

Development of a Wireless Global Bridge Evaluation and Monitoring System (WGBEMS)

Issues Related to Intelligent Bridge Monitoring

Natural Disaster Losses to Conventional Construction and their Mitigation (An Insurance Company Response to Catastrophic Losses Since Hurricane Hugo)

Photogrammetric Mapping
Technical Engineering and Design Guides, as adapted from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, No. 14. This manual provides procedures, minimum accuracy...

PC-Based Remote Monitoring of an Instrumented Structure: Case Study and Lessons Learned

CISC-Computer Integrated Spatial Control for Autonomous Trenching and Pipe-Laying

Field Data Collection and Analysis for Verification of Estuarine Models

Significance of Lateral Elevation Gradients in Tidally Affected Tributaries

Distributed Parameter Hydrologic Modeling and NEXRAD for River Forecasting: Scale Issues Facing the National Weather Service
With the advent of NEXRAD (Next Generation RADar), the National Weather Service has the opportunity to move from current lumped parameter modeling to more of a distributed parameter hydrologic...

Bird Use of an Evaporation Basin and a Mitigation Wetland
A 58-ha freshwater wetland was constructed to mitigate for decreased avian reproductive success and survivorship caused by a 296-ha selenium contaminated evaporation basin. To decrease...

Fluidized Bed Denitrification of Secondary Effluent during Wastewater Reclamation in Southern California
A pilot scale fluidized bed denitrification bioreactor was operated for a period of three years as one unit process in a series designed to repurify secondary effluent for subsequent indirect...

Evaluation of Modelling Needs for Central Valley Project Operations
The Bureau of Reclamations Central Valley Operations Office (CVO) has responsibility for planning, implementing, overseeing, and coordinating the various operations of the Central Valley...

Estimation of Flash Flood Potential for Large Areas
A methodology for determining the potential for flash floods in small basins within large geographical areas is presented. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) technology is used to...

CSO Planning Model Development and Verification Strategy
A model verification technique is described that uses modeled and monitored overflow occurrences defined in terms of the same long-term frequency statistics that are used to evaluate CSO...

Indianapolis Uses New Radar Technology to Refine Hyetographs for CSO Model and SSES Studies
Indianapolis is the first city in the country to install the French-developed technology designed by urban hydrologists to accurately measure rainfall between rain gauges. Installed in...





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