The Data Conversion Experience in New Orleansā€”Development of a Computerized Maintenance Management System

Field Data Collection and Modeling for Verification of an Ecosystem Model in Osaka Bay, Japan

Real-time Data Acquisition and Modeling in Tampa Bay

Hydrographic Data Assimilation on Georges Bank

Impact of Satellite Derived Cloud Data on Model Predictions of Surface Heat Flux and Temperature: A Lake Erie Example

The Effects of Missing Data on Neural Network Performance in Forecasting Flow

Research on Data Stream Coding of Vehicle Saturation in ITS

Automated Data Systems for Highway Management

A Study on Freight Transportation Planning Information System Based on the Theory of Data Warehouse

Experimental Design, Data Collection and Model Development to Forecast Vehicle Modes of Operation

Estimating the Risk of Scour Vulnerable Bridges

Scour Measurements at Contracted Highway Crossings in Minnesota, 1997

The Collection of Clear-Water Contraction and Abutment Scour Data at Selected Bridge Sites in the Coastal Plain and Piedmont of South Carolina

Investigation of Velocity Patterns Under a Bridge Deck in a Pressure Flow Condition

Data and Uncertainties for GIS Based Hydrologic Modeling

GIS-Hydrologic Model Integration

GIS Data Exchange for the Hydrologic Engineering Center's Hydraulic and Hydrologic Models

Design Data Collection for Preparing Job Specifications

Acquisition of Geomorphologic Data by Using GIS

Transportation, Land Use, and Air Quality
Making the Connection
This proceedings contains papers presented at a specialty conference entitled Transportation, Land Use, and Air Quality: Making the Connection,...





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