Numerical Modeling of Breaking Waves over Porous Structures

Wave Climate Parameterization of the Distribution of Maximum Wave Heights and Crest Elevations

A Risk Analysis of a Submerged Breakwater

Czech It Out (Available only in Structural Engineering Special Issue)
Bridge and transportation engineers and architects combined on the design of a unique bridge in a small city in the Czech Republic. The cable-stayed bridge only has one tower which is...

Scaffolding—What Can We Do? (Available only in Structural Engineering Special Issue)
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc. investigated a construction site scaffolding collapse at a West Coast hotel which permanently injured three workers. The engineering investigation...

Building Knowledge (Available only in Structural Engineering Special Issue)
The Integrated Teaching and Learning Laboratory (ITLL) at the University of Colorado provides hands-on engineering lessons for students. Electrical, HVAC, structural, illumination, and...

Wave Transmission and Set-Up at Detached Breakwaters

Composite Modeling of an Offshore Breakwater Scheme in the UKCRF

CRF Study of Wave Kinematics in Front of Coastal Structures

Suspended Sediment Response to Wave Reflection

A Field Investigation of Functional Design Parameter Influence on Groin Performance: The Great Lakes Groin Performance Experiment

Interaction of Floating Breakwaters with the 2DH Hydrodynamic Processes in the Coastal Zone

Field Measurements of Wave Transmission Through a Rubble Mound Breakwater

Beach Variability Behind Detached Breakwaters

Large-Scale Hydrodynamic Experiments on Submerged Breakwaters

Modeling of Hydrodynamic and Morphological Effects of Submerged Breakwaters on the Nearshore Region

Modeling Spatial Structure: Accessibility Interactions in Metropolitan Regions in Developing Countries

Operational Modeling System with Dynamic-Wave Routing

Diffraction and Refraction of Multi-Directional Waves

Numerical Modeling of Coastal Flooding





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