Responsibilities in the Construction Process Involving Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses

Design Issues for Temporary Containment Structures in the Ship Building and Repair Industries

The Role of the Construction Engineer in the Design of Temporary Structures for Construction in the Power Generation, Process, and Petrochemical Industries

Update on Seismic Performance of Steel Frame Connections

Purchasing Steel for Structural Fabrication

Design Considerations for Timber Frame Connections

Unique Glued Laminated Timber Roof Structures for the Lisbon Multi-Use Arena

Composite Structural System for an 88-Story Tower

Combining Earthquake and Other Loads in Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD)

A Simplified Design Procedure for End- and Base-Plates of Traffic Support Structures

Issues Related to Achieving Qualitative Improvements in Reliability Assessment in Structural Design

Earthquake Response Analysis of Steel Building Frames Considering Brittle Fractures at Member-Ends

Nonlinear Analysis of Buildings with Partially-Restrained Composite (PRC) Connections

Tunnel Support Design with Finite Element Analysis

...And Back to Theory

Intermediate Length Concrete Columns Reinforced by Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Tubes

Evaluation of Recycled Timber Members

Truck-Induced Wind Loads on Highway Sign Support Structures

A Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis Model for Diaphragm Walls

Practical Approaches in Offshore Engineering





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