Anaheim Mass Transit Center Will Feature Soaring Shell Structure

Special Structures: Past, Present, and Future
Special structures are landmarks and testimonials to the achievements of the structural engineering profession. They are true three-dimensional...

Shell of Steel
To create a saddle-shaped bandstand in a newly developed park in St. Paul, Minnesota, engineers designed a glass-covered, stainless steel lattice grid that makes use of a unique system...

Redesigning the San Roque Dam
Engineers updated a 20-year-old design for the San Roque Dam in the Philippines to save time and money and improve the dam's ability to withstand earthquakes. The structure...

Crowning Achievement
The $800 million Sony Center built in Potsdamer Platz in Berlin is divided into seven structures which are all literally brought together under one roof. The fabric and glass roof, which...

Processing Induced Warpage in Composite Cylindrical Shells

Air-Formed Concrete Shells for Cold Regions

On the Ponding Instability of Spherical Inflatables

Cementitious Liner Design for In Situ Manhole Rehabilitation

Analysis and Design of the Ponce Coliseum in 1969 and 1996

Experiments for Ultimate Strength of Reinforced Concrete Cylindrical Panels under Lateral Loading and Comparison with FEM Analysis

Worldwide Advances in Structural Concrete and Masonry
This proceedings contains the papers presented at the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Committee on Concrete and Masonry Structures (CCMS) Symposium on Worldwide Advances in...

Reliability/Cost of Adaptive Intraply Hybrid Fiber Composite Structures

Active Vibration Control of Double Wall Composite Shells to Random Inputs

Engineering Mechanics
This proceedings contains keynote and summary papers presented at the 11th ASCE Engineering Mechanics Conference held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, May 20-22, 1996. The keynote papers address...

Evaluation of Cracking of the Miami Marine Stadium Hyperbolic Paraboloid Roof Structure

Dynamic Behavior of Cylindrical Water Tanks Superimposed with a Three-Way Lattice Skeleton

An Analysis of Stiffened Cylindrical Shells Under Interactive Buckling

Scattering of Waves by Submerged Shell with Oscillator: Tail Wags Dog

Shell Model Response Analysis of Buried Pipelines





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