Drift Apex Temperature Distributions due to Cylindrical Heat Sources

Mixed Convection Heat Transfer Coefficients for Horizontally Emplaced Waste Packages

The Viscoelastic-Large Deformation Response of the Taylor Impact Cylinder

Determination of Force and Surface Pressure Coefficients of High Reynolds Number Flow over Circular Cylinder by Discrete Vortex Method

A Stabilized Formulation of the Navier-Stokes Equations

Use of Neural Networks for Fluid Resistance Prediction

A Complete Three Dimensional Analysis of Pressures on a Vertical Cylinder by Earthquakes Including Fluid-Structure Interaction

Three-Dimensional Moving Contact Line for an Accelerating Vertical Cylinder

Performance of Different Methods to Compute Flow Using LES

Collision of Cylinders in Random Seas

Particle Segregation in a Rotating Drum

Re-Engineering Quality Related Processes and Activities

When Should PCCP With Interface Class IV Wire Be Replaced?

Cathodic Protection Requirements of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe

PCCP Design Concepts Made Simple

Hydrodynamic Interactions of Cnoidal Waves with Cylinder Arrays

Segregation Phenomena in a Horizontal Rotating Cylinder

Snap Buckling of a Delaminated Layer in a Composite Cylinder
We investigate snap buckling of a thin delaminated layer on the inner surface of a contracting thick cylinder. Finite-deflection solutions of the layer with or without considering the...

The Performance and Behaviour of Biological Filter Walls as Affected by Cyclical Temperature Changes

Analysis of a Concrete Cylinder with a Composite Hoop Wrap





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