Stability of Cylindrical Shells With and Without Cutouts and Subjected to Wind Load
The cylindrical storage tanks with and without cutouts are analyzed using nonlinear finite element analysis. All the cylinders are fixed at the base. Two types of cylindrical tanks without...

Uniform Flow Around Circular Cylinders: A Review

Cylinders in a Mean Flow with Pulsations—A Review

Flow Around an Impulsively Starting Vertical Cylinder

Temperature Loading and Stream Turbulence Effects on a Cylinder in Crossflow

Analytical Modelling of the Mean Flow Around Circular Cylinders—A Review

High Order Vortex Formations Past Elliptic Cylinders

Symmetric Wake Development Past a Circular Cylinder

In Situ Tests Aid Design of a Cylinder Pile Wall
In situ testing was used to verify geotechnical design parameters and modify construction for a 22 million dollar slope stabilization project near a major highway interchange. The project...

Computational Experiments on Taylor Vortex Flow

Experiment on Stability of an Impulsively Started Rotating Flow

Experimental Investigation of the Flow Behind a Rectangular Cylinder with a Wake Splitter Plate

Vibrations of Submerged Solids in a Vibrating Container
Dynamic forces on a vibrating submerged solid cylinder in both closed and open-top rectangular containers are evaluated. The submerged cylinder is attached to the base of a dynamically-excited...

Vortex Formations Behind a Circular Cylinder

Numerical Prediction of Vortices

Measurement of Activated Sludge Rheology
Rheological measurements provide fundamental information on the physical properties of activated sludge. Such properties influence the behavior of activated sludge in wastewater and sludge...

On Cyclic Testing with Thin Long Hollow Cylinders
The hollow cylinder device has emerged in recent years as an important tool in the investigation of the dynamic behavior of soils. This paper reviews the stress conditions present in the...

Microcomputer Simulation of Jets and Wakes
Illustrations are presented for radial jets and for turbulent flows in the wake of circular cylinders. The paper illustrates the use and importance of low-cost computational tools in engineering...

Analysis of Fracture Conditions for a Loaded Flange

Fracture Mechanics Studies on High Pressure Gas Cylinders





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