Thermal Cyclone Washing for Remediation of Petroleum Contaminated Soils
Thermal Cyclone Washing (TCW) is a soil remediation technology developed and tested at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. TCW is a combination of thermal, chemical, and physical...

What Happens at the Seabed off a Headland during a Tropical Cyclone

Long-Term and Extreme Waves in the Gulf of Mexico

Surface Wind Wave Modeling in Chesapeake Bay

Surface Wind Fields in Hurricanes

A Multi-Objective Analysis for Cyclone Shelter Planning in Bangladesh

Hurricane Disaster Mitigation Through Real-time Wind Analysis

Wind Hazards in the United States

Using Tropical Storm Alberto to Evaluate FERC Guidelines on Probable Maximum Flood Development

A Quantitative Skill Assessment of Numerical Hydrodynamic Models of Coastal Currents

Flood Destruction and Abatement in China
About two-thirds of Chinese territory experiences flood disas ters of different types and varied degrees. The flood disasters in the east half of China are mainly caused by excessive rainfalls...

Water and Sanitation Intervention in Flood Mitigation Programs
Disasters, like floods and cyclones, are almost annual events in Bangladesh. Often post-disaster epidemics of diarrhoeal diseases cause more short- and long-term health problems than injuries...

Vulnerability Curves for Buildings in Tropical-Cyclone Regions

The Alberto Flood of 1994: Water Management and Flood Forecasting Aspects

Water Management Aspects of Southeastern Flood of 1994

Flooding in Southeastern United States from Tropical Storm Alberto, July 1994

Coastal Circulation and Sedimentation During Severe Storms
Numerical hindcasts of storm flows and sedimentation during tropical cyclones in the western Gulf of Mexico, and a northeaster in the Middle Atlantic Bight, are summarized and compared....

Instrumented Buoy Network Response to Ocean Swell
The National Data Buoy Center has an extensive network of more than 20 moored buoys along the west coast of North America And in the Eastern North Pacific Ocean. The network ranges from...

On Hurricane-Generated Seas
Two different situations in the relationship between wind speed and sea severity during hurricanes (and tropical cyclones) are clarified from analysis of measured data obtained by NOAA...

Simulating Learning Development for Construction
This paper presents the methodology used to model the learning development phenomenon in the CYCLONE format using the Boeing learning curve. CYCLONE is a discrete event process interaction...





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