Sand Structure Differences Resulting from Specimen Preparation Procedures

Post-Cyclic Response of Holocene Bay Mud from San Francisco

Modeling of Cohesive Soil Subject to Cyclic Loading Using Disturbed State Concept

Strengthening of RC Flexural Members with FRP Composites

New Approach for Tensile Testing of FRP Composites

Repair and Retrofit of Reinforced Concrete Columns

Experimental Investigation of Cumulative Seismic Damage in Concrete Bridge Piers

Relationship of Rainfall Induced Erosion to Shear Strength and Compressive Strength

Bracing Conditions Contributing to Structural Failures:Case Studies

MNH-SMRF Connection System: Solving Pre-Northridge Steel Frame Dilemmas Using Simple and Reliable Post-Northridge Innovation

Research Needs in Tall Building Design and Analysis: Limit State Analysis of Tall Buildings

Properties of High Performance Steels and Their Use in Bridges

Application of High Performance Steel in Steel Bridge Construction

Innovative Long Span High Performance Steel Bridges

Evolution versus Revolution: the Culture of Steel Bridge Construction

Testing of Repaired Steel Moment Connections

Evaluation of the Benefit of Strengthening Existing Beam - Column Welds

Study on Composite Panels Consisting of Cold-Formed Steel Channels and Plywood with Self-Drilling Screws

Cyclic Shear Resistance of Light-Gauge Steel Framed Walls

Behavior of Cyclically Loaded Light Gauge Steel Framed Shear Walls





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