The Technology of Final Tensioning Fabric Structures

Fatigue Behavior of Intermittently Welded Diaphragm-to-Beam Connections

Fatigue Strength Assessment of I-95 Bridge over James River

Structural Rehabilitation of Operating Industrial Facilities: An Introduction

Design of Hybrid High-Performance Concrete and Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Sandwich Panels

Evaluation of Recycled Timber Members

Integrating Nondestructive Evaluation Tools for Timber Inspection

Cyclic Behavior of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Interior Frame Connections for Pultruded Structures

Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Reinforcements of Laminated Veneer Lumber: Bond Strength and Durability Issues

Low Cycle Fatigue of Structural Materials

Fire Performance of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Composites Used for Repairing and Strengthening Concrete

Performance of Class HP Concrete in Bridge Decks

Implementation of a High Performance Concrete

Externally Bonded Composites for Strengthening Two Concrete T-Beam Bridges

Strengthening a RC Cap Beam Using Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites: A Case Study

Application of High-Performance Steel to Obtain More Cost-Effective Highway Bridges

Negative Bending Tests of High-Performance Steel-485W Bridge Girders

High Performance Steel: Material Development

Estimating Flexural Strength for Concrete Pavements

Forging Ahead
More than a dozen bridges in the United States have been built using HPS 70W grade steel, which has a yield strength of 485 MPa (70 ksi) but superior toughness compared to conventional...





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