Members Subjected to Torsion Combined with Other Actions
The combination of torsion with bending and shear (T-M-V) in members with both transverse and longitudinal reinforcement is the most commonly encountered combination in practical cases....

Ahead of the Curve
Four curved steel girder bridges for Pittsburgh's light-rail project posed challenges ranging from multiple site constraints to special rail loads and welded rail interactions....

Size Effect on Stress-Strain Curves of Concrete

Fragility Curves and Seismic Loss Estimation Methodologies Based on Insurance Data
Loss data for single family dwellings from the 1994 Northridge, California, earthquake were correlated with ground motion with the aim of determining ground motion-based fragility curves....

The Effect of Locked-In Curvature on PCC Pavement

Sharp Curves
In Madison, Mississippi, just north of Jackson on Interstate 55, a diamond interchange with State Route 463 has become a bottleneck for commuters and local motorists. But the typical solution—a...

Using Tracer Response Curves to Quantify Hydraulic and Channel Complexity of Prairie Creek, Northwestern California: Implications for Over Wintering Habitat for Juvenile Coho Salmon
This study measured and compared aspects of channel structural complexity with hydraulic complexity at a range of flows including winter storm flows. Five 200-meter reaches containing...

Relationship Between Scour Depth and Bend Radius of Curvature on the Red River

Measured versus Computed Stresses in a Curved Steel Bridge

Simultaneous Optimization of Topology and Nodal Locations of a Plane Truss Associated with a Bézier Curve

Nearshore Profile Change and Its Impact on Rates of Shoreline Recession

Estimate of Economic Impacts of Climate Change upon US Water Resources Using Partial Equilibrium Modeling
(No paper) The use of the model is to determine the allocation of water between suppliers and consumers under present and future climates such that net economic benefits subject to regulatory...

Seismic Fragility Curve Theory for Highway Bridges

Development of Empirical Fragility Curves for Bridges

Seismic Behavior of On-Grade Steel Tanks: Fragility Curves

Validation of Py Curves from Pressuremeter and Dilatometer Tests at Auburn, Alabama

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Experimental Studies of Curved Steel Bridge Behavior during Construction

Tunnel Support Design with Finite Element Analysis

Breaking Wave Geometry with Emphasis on Steepness and Curveture

Improvement of Flow and Bed Profile Due to Gentler Bank Slopes in a Curved Channel





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