The Analysis of the Failure of the Minte Stream Culvert
A persistent and continuous rainfall that lasted for more than 30 hours on May 6–7, 1995, caused the sudden failure of an embank ment on the main road between Puerto Varas and Ensenada,...

Filling and Emptying System Model Study for the Innovative Lock Design
Funding constraints have generated innovative ideas regarding the hydraulic system of proposed navigation locks. Two fundamental questions addressed in the innovative lock design study...

Channel Scour Protection at Roadway Crossings
There are several forms of channel scour which may damage a bridge or culvert crossing over a natural or improved channel. Typical forms of scour include general degradation, local scour...

Estimating Sediment Conveyance Capacity and Deposition Potential in Culverts
In watersheds characterized by high sediment production, culverts must be designed to adequately convey both water and sediment without causing excessive backwater upstream of the culvert...

Scour at Culvert Outlets: Considerations Present and Future
One of the major considerations in the design and rehabilitation of the national transportation system is the conveyance of tributary drainage through constructed embankments. As drainage...

Scour Protection in Bottomless Culverts
This paper will describe the relative severity of scour anticipated to occur at bottomless culverts and will provide some design guidance for scour protection based on research referenced...

Designing Concrete Culverts to Resist Scour Damage
Concrete culverts have been used for over 100 years. In this period, the main design concern centered on structural and hydraulic adequacy of the culvert. Scour is a relatively recent...

Finite Element Analysis of Precast Concrete Box Culverts

Shakwak Highway Project—Construction Challenges

Soil-Structure Interaction Evaluation of Precast Concrete Arch Culverts

Urban River Aquatic Resources Enhancement

Fish Passage in Urban Streams

Conveyance Distribution to Define Flow Boundaries at Culverts

Channel Stabilization Using Box Culvert Grade Control Structures

Lower San Fernando Corrugated Metal Pipe Failure

Channel Stabilization Using Box Culvert Grade Control Structures

de St-Venant Channel Routing in Distributed Watershed Modeling

Emerging Technologies for Short-Span Bridge Solutions

Distribution of Flood Volumes Beyond Design Discharges
Quantitative prediction of flood volumes beyond design discharges is important for hydrologic design of river constructions, such as bridges and culverts, because these are the volumes...

Short-Span Bridge Solutions
Large bridges get most of the headlines, but the nation's huge network of small bridges (many with spans of less than 25 ft) may be more in need of replacement. Age, corrosion,...





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