Pipeline Crossings 1996
This proceedings, Pipeline Crossings, consists of papers presented at the Specialty Conference held in Burlington, Vermont, June 16-19, 1996....

Reliability of High-Strength Concrete Columns

Vibration Analysis of Special Orthotropic Plate with Variable Cross-Section, and with a Pair of Opposite Edges Simple Supported and the Other Pair of Opposite Edges Free

High-rise Telecommunication Tower with a Square Cross-section, Peculiarities Concerning Wind Forces and Construction

The Charles River Crossing

Estimation of Wind Loads for a Super Tall Building

Second-Order and Overall Stability Analyses for Tall Building Structures with Stepped Cross-Sections and with Floor Slab Deformations Considered

Preliminary Sensitivity Studies of Fast-Path Flow on a Cross-Section of Yucca Mountain, Nevada

ARP: A PC-Compatible Scheme for Generating Origen-S Cross Section Library

Avoiding Pipeline Failures at Waterway Crossings Part 1: Secour Assessment Methods

Avoiding Pipeline Failures at Waterway Crossings Part 2: Scour Countermeasures

Landslides, Liquefaction, and Artesians Pipeline Crossing of the Snoqualmie River Valley

Open-Cut Sewer Crossing of Railroad Completed in Just 48 Hours

Behavior of Large-Diameter Pipelines at Fault Crossings

Measurements of Cross Section Integrated Sediment Transport Rate in the Nile River

Simulation of General Scour at the US-59 Bridge Crossing of the Trinity River, Texas

Cross Section Interpolation by a Weighted-Average of Conveyance

A New Version of XSPRO: A Stream Hydraulic Analysis Computer Program

Improving Dynamic Finite Element Models Using Test Data
A structural optimization based method was developed to improve the finite element model to achieve good agreement with the test results. The modal displacements at critical locations...

Cables Over the Mississippi
As the designer of the Great River Bridge over the Mississippi between Gulfport, Ill. and Burlington, Iowa, Sverdrup Corp., St. Louis, had to find a way to connect the new five-lane crossing...





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