Crossing Bridges with Ductile Iron Pipe—Update 1995

Seismic Design Issues of Water Pipelines at the Hayward Fault Crossing

Crossing Fault Lines with Large Diameter Water Pipelines in the Houston Area

Smithfield Interceptor Force Main River Crossings

30-Inch Gas Pipeline Crossing of the San Juan River: Open Cut Excavation in Quality Water Area

Water Pipeline Crossings of the Pitt and Fraser Rivers

Factors Affecting the Selection of a Crossing Method

Coal Pipelines Crossing Railroads: Legal Issues

Relocation of Existing Pipelines at New Highway Crossings

Aerial Pipeline Crossings - Inspection and Rehabilitation

The French Experience in Bursting Rehabilitation for Pipeline Crossings

Site Selection for Pipeline Waterway Crossings

Design of the Santa Ana River Wash Crossing of the Inland Feeder

Design and Construction of Large Diameter High Pressure Gas Transmission River Crossing for San Diego Gas and Electric Using Directional Boring

Technological Advances in the Design and Construction of Water Mains for Crossing Under Rivers and Other Barriers

Pipeline Crossings and the Corps Regulatory Process in New England

Canal Crossing of High-Pressure Pipelines

Structural Aspects of Pipeline Crossings

The Pre-Planning Phase and the Use of Multipurpose Construction Equipment in Pipeline Crossings

Pipeline Crossings
Pipeline Crossings (Manuals and Reports on Engineering Practice #89) was prepared by the Task Committee on Pipeline Crossings, Pipeline Crossings...





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