Calculation of the Residual Life of Postensioned Tendons Affected by Chloride Corrosion Based in Corrosion Rate Measurements

Lifetime Repair Optimization of Highway Bridges Based on System Reliability and Cost

Estimation of the Service Life Time of Concrete Bridges

Steel Post-Tensioning Tendon Behavior: Up to 35-Year Marine Exposure

Reliability Based Evaluation and Monitoring of Structures with Unbonded Post-Tensioned Tendons

Investigation, Repair and Monitoring of Unbonded Post-Tensioned Tendons

Corrosion of Circular Prestressed Concrete Water Tanks

Fiber Optic Bridge Deck Chloride Detection

Corrosion Control
As pipe systems with nonwelded joints have become more common, so have problems with corrosion. It's up to designers to carefully consider corrosion issues in order to avoid...

Japan Studies Floating Airport (Available only in Structural Engineering Special Issue)
Floating airport structures are being studied in Japan. Because of a severe shortage of land, the Japanese and U.S. governments are considering floating structures for civilian and military...

Biscayne Boulevard Interceptor - Trenchless Sewer Rehabilitation Under Heavy Traffic

Resistance of High Alumina and Portland Cement to H2SO4

Increasing the Reliability of Concrete Pressure Pipe

Bridge Deck Rebar Corrosion Decision System Using Inductive Learning

Inspection of Aging Steel Penstocks

El Dorado Hydroelectric Project - Penstock Relining Case Study

Corrosion Pitting at Ellis and Whillock Stations

Design Considerations for Horizontal Hydroturbine Shafting Systems

Upper Baker Turbine Repair

On Site, Electrochemical, Corrosion Assessment of Sheet Pile Navigation Structures





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