Evaluation of a Proprietary Tape Coating Alternative for the 157 Mile Ivie Pipeline
A two part evaluation of alternative protective coating systems for the 157 mile Ivie pipeline was made. In Part I, an evaluation was made on the suitability of a proprietary tape coating...

Controlling Corrosion in Bridge Structures
The overall objectives of the Structures Research Area of the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) were to provide methods to protect chloride-contaminated concrete components against...

Concrete Bridge Protection Repair & Rehabilitation
A methodology for the selection of cost effective solution(s) to the protection, repair, and rehabilitation of concrete bridges in chloride-laden environments is presented. The methodology...

Managing Alkali-Silicareactivity

Deer Island Project: An Effluent Driven Hydroplant

Key Technical Features of Hydraulic Cylinders

Fort Peck - Power Plant No. 1 Penstock Replacement

Cavitation Repair by Welding Without Gouging

New Low Cost Surface Preparation Process for Relining Existing Penstocks

Aluminum Bronze - Method of Manufacture can Effect Performance

Bonded Tendon Debate
Bonded tendons—currently banned in bridge construction in the United Kingdom because of corrosion concerns—are getting a bum rap, says the author. Corrosion protection details of most...

Keeping Cables Calm
Cable vibration and corrosion are potential problems relating to cable-stayed bridges. Nonetheless, owners think their structural elegance is worth it, and increasingly longer cable-stayed...

Evaluation of Concrete Bridges by Impact-Echo
Strength of post-tensioned bridge structural members primarily depends on the tensile capacity of their post-tensioning steel reinforcement. To prevent corrosion, the post-tensioning steel...

Universal Storage/Transport/Disposal Packages

Uranyl Oxide Hydrates and Uraninite Corrosion: Relevance to Natural Analogue Studies of Spent Fuel Corrosion

Residual Stress Mitigation Considerations for Waste Package Design and Closure

Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steels and High Ni-Cr Alloys to Acid Fluoride Wastes

Corrosion Lifetime Assessment for Candidate Materials of Geological Disposal Overpack for High-Level Nuclear Waste Canisters—Perspective of R&D in Japan

Corrosion of HLW Packaging Materials in Disposal Relevant Salt Brines

Extended-Life Nuclear Waste Package Utilizing Redundant Corrosion/Containment Barriers





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