Multi-Barrier Borehole Canister Designs for a Tuff Repository

Calculation of keff For Plutonium in High-Level Waste Packages

Shaffer, Thomas F.

Multi-Barrier Waste Package Fabrication and Closure Development

Corrosion of HLW Carbon Steel Containers in the Vapor Phase of Salt Brines

Corrosion Scenario Development for Corrosion Lifetime Prediction of Carbon Steel Used for Geological Disposal Package

Concept for Hazardous Material Management and Container Closure Using Copper Based Alloys

A Probabilistic Approach to Assessing Radioactive Waste Container Lifetimes

Coupled Mass-Transport and Chemical-Equilibrium Modelling of Bronze Disease

Long Term Stability of Natural Glasses

Models for Source Term, Flow, Transport and Dose Assessment in NRC's Iterative Performance Assessment, Phase 2

Performance Assessment of the INEL Spent Fuel and HLW in Two Hypothetical Repositories

Internal Pipeline Corrosion Coatings Case Studies and Solutions Implemented

Chemical Cleaning Process for Water Pipe Systems

Raw Water Cement-Mortar Lined Pipeline Corrosion A Case Study

Lightweight Concrete - A Proven Material for Two Millennia

The Present State-of-the-Art of Immobilization of Hazardous Heavy Metals in Cement-Based Materials

Controlling Lead and Copper Corrosion and Sequestering of Iron and Manganese
With the recently enacted Lead and Copper Rule (LCR), many utilities are faced with the conflict of meeting the requirements of the Rule and controlling aesthetic problems caused by source...

Effect of Alkalinity on Copper Corrosion

The Effects of NOM and Coagulation on Copper Corrosion
Copper corrosion was examined in solutions containing natural organic matter (NOM) and in situations where NOM was removed by enhanced coagulation with alum or ferric chloride. Electrochemical...





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