Effect of Areal Power Density and Relative Humidity on Corrosion Resistant Container Performance

Preliminary Evaluation of Waste Package Releases Using Drift-Scale Thermo-Hydrologic Analyses

Integrated Corrosion Facility for Long-Term Testing of Candidate Materials for High-Level Radioactive Waste Containment

A Corrosion Model For Waste Package Corrosion-Allowance Materials

Performance Testing of West Valley Reference 6 Glass

Failure of MPC Overpack and Inner Container Under Corrosion and Mechanical Stresses in a Backfilled Drift

Materials Considerations for Interfaces Between Transportation, Storage and Disposal Systems

Diagnosis and Assessment of Damaged Sewers Concerning Their Structural Capacity

Criterion for Predicting Failure of Corroded Linepipe

Cathodic Protection Retrofit of a 35-Year-Old Concrete Pressure Pipeline

Polyethylene Encasement and the 1993 Revision of ANSI/AWWA C105/A21.5 Standard

Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation Program for Large Diameter Sanitary Sewers in Phoenix, Arizona

Trenchless Replacement & Corrosion Protection of Deteriorated Manholes

Special Protective Coatings and Linings for Ductile Iron Pipe

Cost Effective Corrosion Mitigation

Ozark-Webbers Falls Fastener Failures

Corrosion Resistant Epoxy-Coated Reinforcing Steel
Research conducted in the 1970s to evaluate and develop criteria for nonmetallic coatings to protect steel reinforcing bars embedded in concrete bridge decks from the corrosive action...

Evaluation of Corroded Steel Chimneys
The paper is focused on the analysis of corroded steel chimneys. Cylindrical steel plates are exposed to thermal and chemical effects. The study is based on the results of extensive measurements...

Near-Field Thermal Calculations for Individual Waste Package Placement

Long-Term Effects of Neutron Absorber and Fuel Matrix Corrosion on Criticality





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