Model-Prototype Correlation, Pickwick Landing Lock

Model-Prototype Correlation Study on Bed Load Transport of Dujiangyan Project, China

Model-Prototype Correlation of Mixing in a Wastewater Dechlorination Basin

Prediction of Concrete Creep and Shrinkage by Sampling on the Basis of Correlated Random Material Parameters
There are many random parameters which influence creep and shrinkage of concrete. In all of the previous probabilistic studies the parameters are assumed to be mutually independent random...

Failure Probability Estimation of Series Systems
In this paper, an approximation scheme is presented for analysis of series structural systems where no exact solution exists. If the safety indices of the individual failure functions...

An Investigation into Causes of Bank Caving
A series of investigations into bank caving along the Ohio River are described. These investigations include a study of the distribution of precipitation in the study region, derivation...

Correlations Between Dynamic Shear Resistance and Standard Penetration Resistance in Soils

Use Requirements for Bowen Ratio and Eddy Correlation Determination of Evapotranspiration
Reduced costs and complexity are encouraging more operational use of eddy correlation (EC) and energy balance Bowen ratio (EBBR) instrumentation for estimating evapotranspiration. Often...

Model-Prototype Correlation: Hydraulic Structures

Stilling Basin Pressure Fluctuations

Correlation Between Full Size and Half Size Inlets

Model-Prototype Correlation of Hydraulic Structures
Forty-three papers are contained in these proceedings, from the International Symposium on Model-Prototype Correlation of Hydraulic Structures. The papers cover a broad range of subjects...

Transport of Solids by Natural Water Flow: Evidence for a Worldwide Correlation

An Empirical Correlation of Bed Load Transport Rates in Flumes and Natural Rivers

Freshwater Inflow Requirements of a Texas Estuary
The objective of this study is to estimate the amount and scheduling of freshwater inflows required to maintain fishery productivity, especially shrimp, in Matagorda Bay, Texas. To estimate...

Erosion of the Slopes of Gold Tailings Dams
A study has been made of rates of erosion from the slopes of gold-residue dams in the South African Highveld region. Data is available for two years at this time and conclusions must therefore...

Calibration of an Evapotranspiration Model Using Eddy Correlation Methods
An evapotranspiration (ET) prediction model was developed by calibrating the H. L. Penman equation for an alfalfa reference crop in the southwestern Oklahoma region. Evaporative flux for...

Dormant Season Evapotranspiration in Alfalfa
Weekly values of maximum temperature, minimum temperature, and solar radiation were examined for their effect upon weekly dormant season evapotranspiration (ETdorm) in perennial alfalfa....

Correlation Between Seismic Wave Velocity and the Number of Blow of SPT and Depths

Slurry Pipelines—from Correlations to Analysis





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