Walls of Defense
During a bomb blast, most physical damage and injury occurs when exterior walls fail to protect building occupants. Exterior walls designed to withstand exterior blasts and to break away...

Suspended Sediment Response to Wave Reflection

Numerical Modeling of Coastal Flooding

Irregular Wave Forces on Crown Walls

Field Measurements of Wave Overtopping on Seawall Covered with Armor Units

Effects of Steep Bed Slopes on Depth-Limited Wave Breaking

Sim City of Angels
Using advanced computing techniques, UCLA researchers are developing a virtual model of the entire 4,000 sp mi Los Angeles basin. Accurate to the level of graffiti on the walls and store...

Performance of a Stilling Basin with Partially Short Walls

Permeable Reactive Wall Remediation of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in Groundwater: NAS Moffett Field, Mountain View, California

Shaking Table Tests on Seismic Behavior of Quay Walls Subjected to Backfill Liquefaction

Earth Pressures on Rigid Walls During Earthquakes

Seismic Design of a Landslide Stabilization Wall in Seattle Clays

A Description and a Thermal Study of an Exterior Insulation and Finish System Used in China

Ice Expansion

Databases and Curtain Wall Remediation: From Design to Field Work

Foundation Evaluation for 8.5 m MSE Wall

Jet Grouting for the 63rd Street Tunnel

Anchored Deep Soil Mixed Cutoff/Retaining Walls for Lake Parkway Project in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Design and Performance of a Tied-Back Sheet Pile Wall in Soft Clay

The Use of Soil Nails in Soft Clays





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