Generic Problems
Generic Problems are basic problems in structural mechanics that recur frequently, have been investigated experimentally and involve the behavior of elements or components found in many...

Soil-Nailed Wall Makes it Permanent

The Copper-Clad Library
The design vocabulary for the new Phoenix Central Library includes saddlebags, power bellies, tensegrity and corrugated siding. The saddlebags are copper-clad, steel-framed core structures...

Can Engineers Cut Curtain-Wall Failures?
For many reasons, including owners' false perception of economy engineers have abdicated responsibility for curtainwall design. Failures of curtainwall components are very...

Record Soil-Mixed Wall Stabilizes Excavation

Ups and Downs in Chicago
The Chicago Title and Trust Center—a 50-story mixed-use complex which opened late last year—offers 1.3 million sq ft of above-grade space, and three levels of below-grade parking. The...

The Design and Construction of Shuikou Project RCC Diversion Wall
Shuikou Hydroelectric Project, currently under construction on the Minjiang River in the People's Republic of China is a concrete gravity dam having a maximum height of 101...

The Role of Soil Modification in Environmental Engineering Applications

Jet Grouting for a Self-standing Wall

Soilcrete Cut-Off Wall for Undercrossing a Busy Rail Line

Use of Cement-Bentonite for Cutoff Wall Construction

Selection and Laboratory Evaluation of Modifying Additives for Soil-Cement-Bentonite

Finite Element Analysis of a Geogrid Reinforced Soil Wall

The Behavior of Reinforced Soil Walls Constructed by Different Techniques

Centrifuge Models of Clay-Lime Reinforced Soil Walls

Hazardous Waste Containment with a Bentonite Cutoff Wall

Sea Defence System at Herne Bay, England
This paper reviews the investigations carried out into the design of the proposed now sea defences fronting the central area of Herne Bay on the North kent coast. The existing defences...

Mitigation of Harbor Caused Shore Erosion with Beach Nourishment Delayed Mitigation, St. Joseph Harbor, MI
St. Joseph Harbor MI. was the first Corps of Engineers Section 111 erosion-mitigation project to be built. Between 1 Jun 76 and 5 Aug 85, about 1,067,000 cy of fine sand was placed in...

Design of Protective Dunes at Dam Neck, Virginia
Dunes act as a primary coastal defense against inundation in the Netherlands and the Dutch Government has devoted considerable effort towards development of reliable procedures for the...

Dutch Experience on Design of Dikes and Revetments
The increased demand for reliable design methods for protecting structures has resulted in The Netherlands in preparing a set of design guidelines for design of dikes and revetments. The...





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