Ground Movements from Model Tieback Wall Construction

King Harbor Mole Repair Redondo Beach, California

High-speed Video Analysis of Sediment-Turbulence Interaction
Results from the analysis of high-speed video recordings of particle motion and simultaneous flow visualizations in the near wall region of a turbulent open channel flow are presented....

Measurements of the Hydrodynamic Lift and Drag Forces Acting on Riprap Side Slope
Direct measurements have been made of lift and drag forces acting on a 20.1 mm spherical particle placed within the riprapped 1.5 H: 1 V side slope of a 10 m long channel which was protected...

Simultaneous Flow Visualization and Hot-Film Measurements
High-speed video recording of flow visualizations in the near wall region of a turbulent open channel flow was synchronized with hot-film measurements of flow velocity and bed shear stress...

Stability Analysis of Rayleigh-Benard Convection in the Presence of Side Walls
The onset of laminar axisymmetric Rayleigh-Benard convection is investigated for a low-Prandtl number liquid metal in a cylindrical container, in the presence of a vertical temperature...

Boundary Shear in the Vicinity of River Banks
Some experimental data are presented concerning the distribution of boundary shear stresses in trapezoidal open channels for both inbank and overbank flows. The local shear stresses on...

Simulation of Wave and Beach Profile Change in SUPERTANK Seawall Tests

Review of Works Using CRIEPI Flume and Present Work

Wave Impacts on Sea Walls and Breakwaters

Hurricane Andrew - The Ultimate Curtain Wall Test

Critique of Commercial Structures

Failure of Residential Building Envelopes as a Result of Hurricane Andrew in Dade County, Florida

Failures and Failure Mechanisms for Exterior Walls

Design, Construction and Performance of a Soil Nailed Wall in Puerto Rico

Contracting for Tiedback Walls on a Design-Build Basis

The Performance and Behaviour of Biological Filter Walls as Affected by Cyclical Temperature Changes

Construction of a Cofferdam Pressure Relief System

Soil Nailing Saves Distressed Timber Wall

Soil Mix Walls in Difficult Ground





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