Pultruded Composite Structures for Pier, Sea Wall and Levy Applications

The Development and Rehabilitation of South Florida Bulkheads and Seawalls

A Knowledge-Base for Predicting Damage to Nonstructural Partition Walls Due to Seismic Loading

Performance of Precast Parking Garages during the 1994 Northridge Earthquake

Retrofit of Concrete Structures Using Damping Devices

Analysis of Central Artery Tunnel Slurry Walls

Dynamic Testing of Unreinforced Masonry Walls for Loading Normal to the Wall Plane

Unbraced Circular Cofferdam for Boston's Third Harbor Tunnel

Design of Central Artery/Tunnel Ventilation Building No. 4

Detailing to Avoid Moisture Problems

Evaluation of Kevlar Fabric Reinforcement for Masonry Walls

Nonlinear Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Liquid Containment Tanks Under Seismic Loading

Finite elements for limit analysis of homogenized block masonry walls

Non-Linear Dynamic Analysis of a Safety Wall

3-D FEM Analysis of Excavation of a Soil-Nail Wall

Behavior of Buried Large Thin Wall Flexible Pipe - Field Test and Numerical Analysis Considered With Stage of Construction of Buried Flexible Pipe

Wave Forces on Inclined and Vertical Wall Structures
This monograph, Wave Forces on Inclined and Vertical Wall Structures, contains 14 papers from nine countries. The information on these coastal...

Engineering a Landslide
A slope failure in northwest Alabama has been stabilized using a system of grouted INSERT piles to provide load transfer across the failure surface of the slide. This system, referred...

Balancing Multiple Objectives for Restoration of Great River Wall

Sediment Particle Motions in the Wall Region of a Turbulent Boundary Layer





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