Wall Shear Stress Measurements in Unsteady Turbulent Flow

A Building Structural Problem Access and Repair Via Curtain Wall Features

Clear Sailing
Three recent projects--the Conoid Atrium Wall at the Federal Courthouse in Boston, an addition to the U.S. Bureau of Census building in Baltimore, and a new University of Connecticut academic...

Cutting Off Water in Queens
New York's Transit Authority wanted to dig a new tunnel for a Queens subway connection, but first contractors had to wall-off the potentially contaminated groundwater nearby....

Bentonite-Water Slurry Rheology and Cutoff Wall Trench Stability

Vibro-sealing; A Technique for Waste Containment in Fractured Clayey Till

Hydraulic Importance of Defects in Vertical Groundwater Cut-Off Walls

Additive Effectiveness in Minerally-Enhanced Slurry Walls

Slurry Wall Construction in Deep Mined Area

Stone Exposure Test Wall at NIST

Historic Upgrades in San Francisco
The 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake seriously damaged many of the historical buildings that compose the San Francisco Civic Center complex. As the complex serves as a critical cultural and...

In Situ Remediation of the Geoenvironment
The progress in the development and implementation of techniques for the remediation of contaminated soil and ground water has been and continues to be rapid. These proceedings focus on...

An Evaluation of Laboratory Test Results for the U.S. Gypsum Sight and Sound Screen System
The highway innovative Technology Evaluation Center (HITEC) serves as a clearinghouse for implementing highway innovation by providing nationally focused, collaborative evaluations of...

A Superfund site near Seattle was surrounded by a 2,200-ft-long soil-bentonite wall to keep contaminants from entering nearby water sources. An earlier remediation effort had failed to...

Historic Downtown Dilemma (Available only in Structural Engineering special issue)
Many older commercial masonry buildings built of locally quarried stone or fired brick in downtown areas suffer from roof leaks. Because a studwall cavity often is located between the...

Re-engineering Cowboy Heaven (Available only in Focus on Structures Special Edition)
On a wooded hill overlooking the north end of Oklahoma City sits one of the foremost repositories of this country's Western heritage, the National Cowboy Hall of Fame. Contained...

Translucent Structural Beacon
In East Los Angeles some 2,000 children, teens and adults are accessing their future inside a building that is as high-tech as the computers they are using to learn. The 40,000 sq ft building...

Slowly-varying Components of Hydrodynamic Field at the Wall of Breakwater of Gdańsk North Port

Wave Overtopping and Pressure Dependent on Crest Elevation

A Morphology Model to Predict Erosion Near a Seawall





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