No Longer So Clueless in Seattle: Current Assessment of Earthquake Hazards

Transportation, Land Use, and Air Quality
Making the Connection
This proceedings contains papers presented at a specialty conference entitled Transportation, Land Use, and Air Quality: Making the Connection,...

Electromagnetic Conductivity Survey of Pipeline Alignments for Soil Corrosivity Assessment and Corrosion Control Design for Large Diameter Water Pipelines

Assuring Top Quality Prestressing Wire in PCCP

Intranet-Based Project Control Systems for the Construction Industry

A Computer Model for Assessing the Safety of AICC

Effectiveness of Landslide-Control Measures: A Numerical Approach

High Flow Reduction in Major Structures: Materials, Principles, and Case Histories

The National Historic Landmarks Survey

Inspecting the Unknown (Available in Geo-Environmental Special Issue Only)
Unknown foundations have plagued civil engineers for years. In the case of underwater pilings, much time and money is spent inspecting for cracks, breaks or deterioration. Even then, visibility...

Geosynthetics in Foundation Reinforcement and Erosion Control Systems
The variety and number of applications of geosynthetics in goetechnical engineering continues to grow rapidly. This proceedings focuses on two specific applications: soil reinforcement...

Deep Mixing Method: A Global Perspective
Various contemporary deep mixing method (DMM) techniques have been used in the United States since 1986. Such techniques owe their origins to Japanese and Scandinavian developments, which...

Landowner Perspective on Environmental Planning

San Francisco Watershed Management Plans Achieving Water Quality and Balancing Multiple Uses

Mediating Conflicts Between Fish and Oil: A Prototype for Joint Problem Solving of Space-Use and Resource Conflicts

Codes and Standards in Japan, Present State and Necessity

Global Environmental Issues - An Overview

Automated Control of the Raytheon Personal Rapid Transit System

Quasi-Optimum Redistribution of Empty PRT Vehicles

Upgrading for ATO on the Yokahama Kanazawa Seaside Line





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