Contractual Arrangements (Panel discussion)

Minimizing Risks and Mitigating Losses (Panel discussion)

Concept to Commissioning: How Risky the Trip?

Allocation of Risks (Panel discussion)

Project Management and Contractual Relationships

Identification and Nature of Risks in Construction Projects — A Contractor's Perspective

Allocation of Risks

What Contractors Think About Prefabricated Piping
Among 190 of the largest users of pipe, 77% now use large-scale prefabricated piping. These users report an average saving, using prefabricated pipe versus conventional pipe, of 23%. Before...

Trench Cave-In: Contractor's Responsibility
The article Can Trench Cave-In Deaths Be Cut— in CIVIL ENGINEERING—ASCE, September 1977, states that the owner's engineer should accept responsibility for the design of temporary...

Payment Provision as Seen by the Owner

Contractors Experienced with The New Austrian Tunnelling Method (Economy and Flexibility)

Shotcrete Payment Provisions as Seen by the Contractor

Regulation/Strangulation - Contractor's Viewpoint

Are Contractors Treated Fairly—
Too often, specifications and contracts are written vaguely. The contractor has to deal with many unknowns and unpredictable factors. What can be done to ease this situation and reduce...

An Engineer Rebuts a Contractor's Charges of Unfair Contracts
An engineer responds to the article, Are Construction Contracts Fair, (CE, May, 1975) by contractor George A. Fox and lawyer Max E. Greenberg. Engineers should not be given additional...

Dialog Between Engineers: Designers, Contractors, Manufacturers
A case history showing the untypical situation where engineers from all segments of the construction industry worked together to design and build a power plant. Site conditions were such...

Use of Shotcrete from the Standpoint of the Contractor

Problems Related to the Construction of Dam Foundations from a Contractors' Viewpoint

Quality System in Construction
Quality System in Construction deals with the quality system broadly with input from experts outside the construction group as well. It covers...

Steps toward Implementing Control by the Contractor





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