Construction of Monroe Harbor Confined Disposal Facility
Management of the construction of a 40 million project, a confined disposal facility for dredge spoil, within a small multipurpose recreation facility presents unique challenges to intergovernmental...

Enhancing Quality of Construction on Nuclear Facilities
From the author's viewpoint and the viewpoint of others, the quality of construction on both nuclear projects and many other non-nuclear projects has decreased. The trend...

Standards and the Contractor
The International Association of Drilled Shaft Contractors have written their own standards and have cooperated with other groups in similar activities. The author gives his ideas about...

Computerized Estimating, What's Right for You
Several good computerized estimating programs exist on the marketplace today. Contractors who avail themselves of good systems can generally realize a very respectable return on their...

Computers: The Ins and Outs of the Purchasing Contract
When purchasing computers and computer graphic systems there are 13 areas in the purchasing contract that should be investigated. These include the agreement, specification, dates, inspection,...

Breakwater Design and the Integration of Practical Construction Techniques

Proving Claim Damages by Employing Forensic Estimating Techniques

Cost Control and the Contractor

Critique - Cost Control and the Owner

Integration of Client/Contractor Project Control

Superfund and the Corps of Engineers

The CM's Liability to Other Parties — Negligence

Protection of OCS Cultural and Biological Resources

Experimental Facilities for Earthquake Research at CTL

Pittsfield, MA: Vicon's Waste to Energy Facility

Managing Liability
The Individual's Challenge, the Organization's Challenge, the Project Manager's Challenge
These proceedings are the papers presented during the 1982 Spring Convention of the American Society of Civil Engineers to determine how engineers can live with, manage, and limit liability....

Getting Foreign Engineering Contracts
How does a firm enter the world market for design engineering contracts? Based on interviews with Walter Hutchin and Chester Lucas of the Inter-American Development Bank and Sverdrup &...

Logistics and Material Acquisition in Construction

The General Contractor and the Professional Construction Manager

Construction Management: Houston Bridge Project





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