Management of Design Detailing Process: Key to Speciality Contractor Performance

The Capture and Use of Organizational Knowledge During Design & BCO Reviews

Implementation of Automated Site Data Collection with a Medium-Sized Contractor

Design–Build Walls on Davison Freeway Save Millions

Launched Bridges
Launched Bridges is a book designed to merge the static, organizational, and economic aspects of construction techniques for the launch of...

Consulting Engineering
A Guide for the Engagement of Engineering Services
Consulting Engineering: A Guide for the Engagement of Engineering Services (Manual 45), is a comprehensive revision of the previous edition...

Asian Contracting Practices

Contract Letting in Philippine Setting

The Use of Dispute Review Boards on Construction Projects in Asia: Present and Future

Merging Genetic Algorithms with Neural Networks: Owner-Contractor Prequalification Example

1994 Alaska Flood Recovery Project Management of a Disaster Recovery by a General Contractor

Application of Neural Networks to Owner-Contractor Prequalification

Funding Regional Flood Control Improvements in Fort Bend County, Texas

Council of American Structural Engineers (CASE) Contracts for Structural Engineers

A Flexible Decision Support System for Performance Evaluation and Strategic Planning for Australian Construction Contractors

EPC Expansion at Thompson Falls Hydroelectric Project

Steady Flow Over an Obstacle with Contraction and Sill

Who's Minding the Store? The Structural Engineer's Role

Geotechnical Baseline Reports of Underground Construction
Guidelines and Practices
For many years, several forms of interpretive geotechnical reports have been incorporated into the Contract Documents for underground construction projects. Based on recent feedback obtained...

Ground Improvement, Ground Reinforcement and Ground Treatment
Developments 1987-1997
This proceedings, Ground Improvement, Ground Reinforcement and Ground Treatment: Developments 1987-1997, contains the committee report of the...





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