Zero-based Contracts for Dispute Avoidance
There is presently considerable interest in reducing the costs associated with disputes and litigation in the facility acquisition process. One of the best ways to reduce such costs is...

Construction Inspection Responsibility from the Viewpoint of a General Contractor and Construction Manager on a GMP Project
Absent local laws to the contrary, any member of the construction team, the Owner, Architect, or Contractor, can theoretically arrange for and provide any testing and inspection that may...

Effects of Soil Layering on Infiltration
The effect of sloping soil layers on infiltration depends on the textural composition of both layers at the interface, as well as the slope of the interface. The contractions of flow caused...

From Hot-Tub to War: Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in the U.S. Corps of Engineers

Negotiating Water Supply Management Agreements for the National Capital Region

Addressing Nontechnical Issues in C.E. Education

Contracting Provisions to Delay Capital Expenditures and Extend the Use of Available Water Supplies
A contractual means has been established of assuring equitable use of available water supply by the regional participants in the Williamson County Raw Water Line Project. A contract between...

Contracting Practices for Earth Retaining Structures

Future Transfers of Water and Conveyance Capacity Between the CVP and the California SWP
On November 24, 1986, the Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) and the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) executed an agreement known as the Coordinated Operations Agreement or COA....

Traditional Roles of the Owner, Designer, Constructor

Traditional Roles of the Owner, Designer, Constructor

The Quest for Quality Where the Legal System Fits in

Education for Design/Specification Integration

Utility and DOE Efforts to Improve the Standard Disposal Contract—An Experiment in Cooperation

The High Line Canal Hydroelectric Project: Micro Hydro for a Macro Utility
The High Line Canal Hydroelectric Project is rated at 530 kilowatts (kW), and features benefits that accrue due to relatively low costs of $2,100 per installed kW, average annual energy...

Turnkey Hydropower at St. Cloud
The St. Cloud Hydroelectric Project is located at an existing dam on the Mississippi River in St. Cloud, Minnesota. The project consists of a two-gated spillway and an 8.6-megawatt powerhouse...

A Knowledge-Based Microcomputer Training Tool for Contract Claims

Computerized Scheduling Technique for Minority Contractors

Liability Traps to Avoid
This presentation shows several problem situations and the rules of the game as played by the industry and the courts. It makes three basic assumptions. One, the Materials Engineer knows...

Avoiding and Resolving Disputes in Underground Construction
Successful Practices and Guidelines
A method of developing cooperative, problem-solving attitudes on projects through a basic risk sharing philosophy between owner and contractor is presented. Special contracting provisions...





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