Real Time Planning & Total Risk Management

A Knowledge Based Construction Contractor Proposal Evaluation System

3D & 4D CAD Modeling on Commercial Design-Build Projects

Construction Regulated by Performance Information

Development of a Knowledge-Driven Interactive Contractual Agreement Preparation Program using Multimedia

Geophysical Characterization of Florida Limestone—An Investigative Case History

Underground Contracts for the 21st Century
Noting that support for the guidelines for underground construction put forth by ASCE's Underground Technology Council has been eroding, the author addresses current issues...

Roanoke Valley Flood Hazard Mitigation
Dewberry & Davis is under contract to the Fifth Planning District Commission (5th PDC) to prepare the Roanoke Valley Regional Stormwater Management Plan. The Plan, which will address...

Risk in Geotechnical Engineering for Embankment Dams

ADR, 25 Years of Progress

Practice Periodical on Structural Design and Construction
The Practice Periodical on Structural Design and Construction publishes articles about practical solutions to structural design problems and construction challenges of interest to practitioners. Articles...

The Changing Role of Construction Mitigation

Standard Contracts for Project Peer Review and Special Inspection Services

Boston Harbor Project: Construction Logistics

Design Challenges for Contractors' Integrated Management Systems

Using Contract Nets in Integrated Design Environments

Use of the Pen Computer for Soils and Foundations Applications

ETSAS Laboratory Information Management System

Probabilistic Analysis of Claims for Extensions in the Contract Time

State of the Art of the Latest Generation Wet-Mix Shotcrete Equipment/Systems





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