Comparisons of Structural Linear and Nonlinear Analysis of Steel Moment Frames with Supplemental Damping

Continuum and Ground Structure Topology Methods for Concept Design of Structures

Welded Steel Moment Connections: Old and New

Aluminum Gusset Plates in Tension

Mechanical Damping System for Mast Arm Traffic Signal Structures

Through-Thickness Properties of Column Flanges in Welded Moment Connections

Effects of Weld Residual Stress on Fracture Behavior in Moment Frame Connections

An Improved Test Method for Rut Depth Prediction

Modeling Deformations around Excavations in Soft Clays

Measured Horizontal and Vertical Movements from a Sag Subsidence

TDR Monitoring of Overburden Deformation to Verify Modeled Behavior

Excavations in San Francisco Bay Mud: Design for Deformation Control

Rationalizing the Practice of Strut Preloading for Braced Excavations

Determination of Vertical Loading on Underground Structures Based on an Arching Evolution Concept

Finite Element Analysis of Ground Response due to Tunnel Excavation in Soils

Seismic Performance of the Yerba Buena Island Tunnel

Performance of Inclinometers in Diaphragm Wall

A Field Observation and Prediction in Soft Ground Tunnel

Fluidization of the Sand Bed and Sediment Movement in the Surf Zone

Energy Unleashed
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers discharges a mean daily flow of 2,000 cu ft/s (57 m³/s) under a gross head of 280 ft (85 m) through four Howell-Bunger valves at the Summersville Dam in...





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