Water Line Splitting in Gainesville, Florida

Geotechnical Investigations for Tunneling & Pipe Jacking

TRWD Experience with Prestressed Concrete Pipe

Design and Construction Aspects of the PCCP Water Main Rehabilitation

The Lake Gaston Pipeline: 76 Miles of Controversy

Design and Construction of the Valley Center Pipeline

Designing and Building a Major Transmission Main through a Constructed Environment, The North County Distribution Pipeline

North City Tunnel Connects to New Water Reclamation Plant

Construction Challenges for Soft Ground Tunneling

San Diego's Conveyance Tunnels: A Historical Perspective

Lessons Learned about Cured-in-Place Pipe During Construction

Pipeline Market—20 Billion Dollars for 1998: Would You Like Some of This Work?

Design and Construction of the Sweetwater Reservoir Urban Runoff Diversion System 48-Inch Pipeline

Airport Facilities
Innovations for the Next Century
This proceedings, Airport Facilities: Innovations for the Next Century, contains papers presented at the 25th International Air Transportation...

Stearns County Superpave Project CSAH 75

The Russian Construction Complex in Transition to Market Economy

Low-Temperature Repair of the Ice Condenser Floor Slab at the Sequoyah Nuclear Power Plant

Design of River Crossings for the Trans-Alaska Fiber Optic Cable: Case History

City of Duluth Long Term Street Improvement Program-History

Blue Earth County Finn Road/Oil Gravel Project: CSAH 24 from TH 30 to CSAH 25





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