The Transportation System for the New Hong Kong International Airport
The decision by the Hong Kong Government in 1989 to relocate the city airport at Kai Tak had resulted in the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken in Hong Kong in recent times....

Guidelines for Inspection and Monitoring of In-Service Penstocks
This volume provides a guide to information and engineering techniques for inspection and monitoring of in-service penstocks. This guide covers penstocks constructed of steel, concrete,...

Reach-Average Dimensions for Channel Reconstruction

Monitoring Construction Vibrations (Available in Geoenvironmental Special Issue only)
A review of procedures, criteria and equipment used to protect buildings and other structures from construction generated vibrations, the article begins by describing the importance of...

Applications of High Performance Concrete to the Prestessed Bridge Girder Industry

High Strength Phosphate Cement Using Industrial Byproduct Ashes

Design and Construction of the Highest RC Building in Japan

Application of High Strength and Self-Compacting Concrete for Continuous Diaphragm Walls

Update of Masonry Building Code and Specification, 1995 to 1998 Editions

Reliability Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Structures with Respect to Material Degradation

Top Flange Bracing Systems for Box Girders

Nondestructive Testing for Quality Control and Length Determination of Deep Foundations for Bridges

Dynamic Testing of Cable-Stayed Bridges

Investigation of Explosive Damage and Repair Costs

The International Building Code and International Residential Code and Their Impact on Wood Frame Design and Construction

Stress Grading of Recycled Lumber and Timber

Inverse Reliability Methods in the Design of Wood Structures

Shoring Measurements at Museum Towers

Selection Criteria for Structural Steel: Design Considerations

Construction Loads during Lifting, Rigging, and Handling





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