Challenges of the Construction Industry under the Pandemic
Proceedings of the International Conference on Construction and Real Estate Management 2021, held in Beijing, China, October 16?17, 2021. Sponsored by the Construction Industry High-Quality Development...

G-I Underground Engineering and Construction Committee Update

Pay Now, Or Pay Later � Using A Risk-Informed Mindset for Site Investigation Decisions
How much subsurface investigation is adequate to aid in the planning and design of a construction project? It�s a question every geo-professional must grapple with, particularly in an era where cost efficiency...

How Are Ancient Egyptian and Modern American Road Construction Linked?

The Pivotal Role of Equipment Manufacturers in Specialty Geotechnical Construction

From Good to Great: The Evolution of Cutoff Wall Quality Control and Verification Techniques
The last three decades have brought tremendous improvements to quality control (QC) procedures for construction and post-construction verification of deep cutoff walls installed in active high-hazard dams....

Working Platforms for Specialty Geo-Construction
A major cause of rigs toppling over is the state of the "working platform" that they must work from. A working platform is a layer of material, often compacted sand or gravel, placed over the subgrade,...

Site Constraints Complicate a Bulkhead Replacement: It Takes a Team to Overcome the Challenges
North American Aggregates (NAA), a leading supplier of aggregates in the New York area, recently constructed a new processing facility in Perth Amboy, NJ. One of the final components of the new facility...

Beyond the Water�s Edge: Geotechnics in the Wet
Gaining insight into the subsurface and developing an understanding of what�s hidden below ground is a key to the design and construction process. Geotechnical engineers and geologists often develop their...

Megaproject Monitoring by Satellite ? InSAR-based Settlement-time History: Measuring Hundreds of Thousands of Points, Several Times a Month, Across an Entire City
Satellite-based interferometric synthetic aperture radar, or InSAR, has gained unequivocal importance as a routine and precise monitoring method for large and small areas alike. Historical datasets allow...

Trenchless Goes Hybrid: Old Tricks Are Finding New Applications
The International Society for Trenchless Technology defines trenchless technology as "Underground construction methods of utility installation, rehabilitation, inspection, location and leak detection,...

The investigations: The World Trade Center towers
On Aug. 21, 2002, the National Institute of Standards and Technology announced it would conduct a building and fire safety investigation of the World Trade Center disaster. This investigation was conducted...

Construction Begins on Stormwater Treatment Area to Benefit Florida�s Everglades

Construction Begins On Landmark Bridge Between United States and Canada

CSO Program in Evansville, Indiana, Marks Key Milestone with Start of Pump Station Construction

Construction of Largest Building in Manchester Science and Engineering Complex Nears Completion

Don�t Forget the Construction Folks!

Construction Begins on Lagoon Restoration Project near San Diego

Composite Core-Wall System and Performance-Based Design Transform High-Rise Construction

Construction to Begin Soon on Major Reservoir in North Texas





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