Connecticut Valley Chapter

Connecticut Valley Chapter

Connecticut Chapter; St. Louis Chapter; San Diego Chapter

Leonardo's Brain: Understanding da Vinci's Creative Genius, By Leonard Shlain. Guilford, Connecticut: Lyons Press, 2014

Geology and Engineering Behavior of Connecticut Valley Varved Clay

Book Review: Risk and Uncertainty in Dam Safety by Desmond N.D. Hartford and Gregory B. Baecher. London: Thomas Telford Books, 2004

A Multi-Estuarine Model in Long Island Sound

Regional Geologic Characteristics along the South Shore of Long Island, New York

Long Island's South Shore Beaches: A Century of Dynamic Sediment Management

Historic Geomorphology and Dynamics of Fire Island, Moriches and Shinnecock Inlets, New York

Periodic Shoreline Morphology: Fire Island, New York

Tidal Inlet Stability at Fire Island, Moriches and Shinnecock Inlets, Long Island, New York

Retrofitting CSO Infrastructure in New Haven, Connecticut
(No paper) The City of New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority operates a wastewater collection and treatment system which serves over 130,000 residents in the cities of New Haven,...

Adjustments to Short-Term Hydrologic Forecasts for Conceptual Models of Hydrologic Processes
(No paper) Real-time forecasting of streamflows is amorphous and multi-dimensional. Weather forecasts, which are synonymous in popular culture with uncertainty, are just one component...

Regional Sediment Budget for Fire Island to Montauk Point, New York, USA

Physical Processes Affecting the Sedimentary Environments of Long Island Sound

Evaluating Unknown Bridge Foundations: Is It Worth It?

Semi-Integral Abutments in Bridge Seismic Design

Connecticut's Wellhead Protection Program

Assessment Program for Bridge Infrastructure





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