Static Cone to Compute Static Settlement over Sand
(Originally published in J. Soil Mechanics and Foundations Div, 1970,. 96(3), 1011-1043.)...

A Cone With a View: The VisCPT

Evaluating Axial Drilled Shaft Response by Seismic Cone

Analysis of Ice Forces on Small Conical Structures

Dynamic Visualization in the Classroom Using Computer Simulation

The Aerodynamic Properties of a Roughened Cone

Energy Dissipation in Rigid-Block Structures Under Dynamic Excitation

Mechanical Modelling of Large Block Structures: A Geometric Formulation for the Dynamics

Artificial Ground-Water Recharge In Las Vegas Valley, Clark County, Nevada: Model Prediction - No Cone of Depression Here!

Direct and Modal Analyses for Shape-Finding of Unstable Structures
Shape-finding analysis of unstable structures has been presented by using generalized inverse (Tanaka and Hangai, 1986). The 'Modal Analysis' using rigid body modes is elegant, but the...

Cone Models for a Pile Foundation
A single pile in a soil halfspace is modeled for dynamic excitation with disks and their corresponding double cones. This simple one-dimensional strength-of-materials approach provides...

Prediction of Geological and Mechanical Processes While Disposing of High-Level Waste (HLW) Into the Earth Crust

Multiple Modes of Steady-State Slide-Rock Response
The dynamic response of free standing rigid bodies to base excitation can be quite complex, as evidenced by the five motions or modes to be considered in a two-dimensional analysis: rest,...

Stability of Systems of Rigid Bodies by Bounding Theorems
The stability of systems of systems of rigid bodies subjected to conservative and dissipative forces is investigated by considering the minimization of a work function subject to the kinematic...

Penetration Testing for Groundwater Contaminants
Recent advances in penetration testing technology have produced a variety of new penetration devices to measure groundwater conditions. This paper describes two specially designed devices;...

Analysis of Arbitrarily Shaped Rigid Bodies

Characteristics of a Structure-Foundation System
The dynamic characteristics of the structure-foundation system of a 1/4 -scale nuclear power plant containment model is studied using seismic records. The model structure is treated as...

Conjunctive Use in the Niles Cone, California
The use of in-stream facilities for artificial recharge in stream channels as practiced in Alameda County, California, is discussed. The facilities are (1) stream channels with no other...

Discrete Limit Analysis of R/C Shear Walls

Rigid Body Random Rocking Prediction
The stochastic rocking of a rigid block due to shaking of its foundation is examined. The foundation is flexible (Winkler) and its independent springs and dashpots separate from the block...





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